About Us


The Bōdee story begins with a simple ambition: create a company rooted in community, consciousness and integrity. Our founders were brought together during their search for safe CBD products that are effective, transparent and empowering.


Aptly named after the iconic bodhi tree – known for its connection to enlightenment

Bōdee produces CBD products that promote synergistic health and wellness for the whole body and mind.  Veteran owned and operated in Phoenix, Arizona, Bōdee is committed to the highest levels of quality, safety and purity.  Leveraging relationships with both small- and large-scale organic farmers nationwide, Bōdee utilizes sourcing practices that far exceed industry standards.

  • To start, the CBD is tested for quality and safety at the U.S. farm where it is sourced.
  • Once we receive the CBD, it undergoes a second level of testing at an independent third-party lab to assess purity, as well as occurrences of pesticides, metals and other toxins. We also ensure the THC content is less than 0.03%.
  • Lastly, the end product is tested a third time to ensure dosing levels are accurate.

Coupled with expertly crafted formulations to support a healthy lifestyle throughout the day, Bōdee has made its mark as a trusted and valued brand in the growing CBD space.